Fing scan export is much more complete from phone app than on computer

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I'm using fing pro, when I run a scan from the computer (, it doesn't contain many of the fields, and doesn't have an option to add any fields. For example, Type, Brand, Family and several other fields are not exported, but they are exported when I export it from the phone app. However, that only scans the network I'm currently on. That's not convenient, as I need this information for all my physical locations, not just the one where I happen to be at the time I run the scan.


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    Hi @maharlika...  Fing has a way to request feature enhancements (called ideas) using a voting system.  The more people upvote a suggestion, the more likely they are to consider in future development efforts.  I would prefer not to rewrite this post but perhaps you could create a new idea...

    Go to this URL and choose to create a new idea...  Make sure you upvote your idea when your done.  I will upvote it as well as its a sound one.
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