Can someone explain to me why i have 2 arris touchstone gateways but one is listed as printer


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    Also i like to add my ip range onky goes from to that ip of the "printer" says and also sometimes it will be offline then other times its on and like my xbox is says its activly online but it powered off right this min too

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    This is interesting…. The first, 0.1 looks to be the standard gateway for the router.  The .254 looks to be a reserved address used for admin access to the router.  See this link for what I found researching this.  
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    think this is a print server service running on your router and it is using it's own IP address

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    Your Arris TG1682G has two USB ports on the back. Do you happen to have a printer connected to one of those USB ports? If so, like @AikMink mentioned, some routers will act as a print server, when a printer is connected to a USB port. Often, they will use the .254 IP Address for it. Have also seen routers act as a file server, when USB hard drives or "thumb" driver are plugged into the USB ports, too, and use the .254 IP Address, as well. If the printer goes into "sleep" mode, Fing may show it as offline. As for the Xbox, sometimes it takes several minutes (15?) for Fing to recognize a device is offline, when it has been turned off.
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    I have showing up as well.