Find Hidden Camera Tool *Fail* - Premium User

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Aloha all,

Just upgraded to Premium and to my dismay the “Find hidden camera” tool isn’t finding my wired network camera, nor my Wi-Fi network camera, nor is it finding the 5 Wi-Fi connected motion detectors I have throughout my house.  Very concerned this will fail at the next Air BnB we visit. Anybody else finding this tool to be worthless?  Anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance!
Apple iPad Pro iOS 14.7.
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  • VonFuchsen
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    100% Useless. Have 3 Wifi cams and a baby Monitor (no wifi feature), it only detects 1 wifi cam unless I switch to the primary SSID and then sometimes I get all 3 cams, but never the baby monitor. Which makes no sense because network discovery picks up all 3.

  • Bradfrod
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     :|  I agree does n0t work at all for me.
  • squidproquo
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    Never worked for me and on different networks.

  • Marc
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    Perhaps one of the Fing staff can better explain the features limitations?  @Robin_from_Fing or @Dylan_From_Fing, could you help these folks out on how to best use the discover camera feature and possible limitations to it?  
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