Need help. Fing Found Edimax IP Camera.

I've had some family drama at home, some less than savory people were invited inside while the rest of us were gone and it was suggested I use Fing to check for hidden cameras. Fing found what it named an Edimax IP Camera. I checked the mac address and it is made by Edimax, whatever it is. Because of the security risk I changed our router and wifi access and did not give them to the person who let these people into our house. All of our devices have been reconnected for days and that IP camera sat offline. Their devices have not been reconnected. However, this morning that Edimax IP camera showed back up as online. I don't know what to do. They deny they have a hidden camera and they don't have the password to reconnect one anyhow. I know I can block the device, but is there a way to be sure it's a surveillance camera and not just mislabeled somehow? Thanks!


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    @rachel1204, best way to determine if its something you own is to use the ping function in the app.  Ping the device to make sure it responds first.. Then turn off your devices one by one. As you bring one down, use the ping function again.  If it stops responding you have your device.
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