After Fing finds what may be a hidden camera, how do I remove, block or jam that network?

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August 24, 2021

Could someone please help me? My Fing continues to report that there remains a network that is less than 3 meters that may be hiding a hidden camera, I am not able to log into it as the Fing notification suggests as it is NOT MINE, does anyone have any recommendations for me to remove, block or jam it? Presently, the expense of an IPS (intrusion prevention system), or moving is prohibitive.  Months ago, when I first involved my ISP (internet service provider) to report Fing’s findings, and to change my network name and password, IMMEDIATELY after doing so, the network name that Fing reported that may have been hiding a hidden camera, SUDDENLY CHANGED, and was replaced with the network name that yet remains.   

Since the tenant located directly above me, continues to stalk and harass me (in important and salient ways, by following me around from room-to-room as he, WEIRDLY, said that he would when I was yet in the process of moving-in), DOES ANYONE know if is there any way that I would be able to BLOCK that network that Fing continues to report that may be a hiding camera(s)?

Thank you for your assistance!


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    Thanks for the post. Any advice @Marc @Pixel

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @Sandra I really don’t think the issue here is a networking one as, if you manage to block an intrusion in your network there’s nothing to stop someone reconfiguring their equipment to regain access. The real issue appears to be that you are being stalked by an individual who needs to be stopped. Stalking is an criminal offence in most places and I would suggest that you contact the local authorities (Police?) and present some evidence to them about what what this individual is doing so they can take action.

    Please post some screenshots of what fing is “telling you” and we can then try to identify what is happening but wether we can do anything to stop a persistent hacker/stalker is debatable.

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    Thank you.
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    Sorry you are expecting this network intrusion/stalker. I have same problem but unfortunately I'm targeted by a massive evil gang. Community harassment. Its disgusting. Your stalker is smart like my trolls. Everything is read between the lines, subliminal crap. And secretive. Bed thing is get a restraining order and move. You don't want to find out if your being watched. It's humiliating. And very disturbing. 3 yrs I'm putting up with their cheade. They think is funny and I deserve the craziness. They have touched everything of mine. Online accounts, banking,devices,ex boyfriends,took over my social media. Took over my identity and they steam me, photos,videos ECT to shame me. Jealous. People have been told lies. It's a mess.

    Good luck. Hope you resolve the nightmarish problem. "They" ARE THE PROBLEM.

    Thx for reading.


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    Thank you.