Speed Test server with closest physical location isn't accurate.

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I am from Myanmar. When we run speed test, fing chooses India test server which makes sense cuz India is physically closest test server. However, Myanmar doesn't have a direct Cross-Border backbone to india and the submarine route is hundreds of kilometres longer.

I am aware that we currently don't have the option to choose other test servers like the one in Singapore.

But, isn't possible to force it from Fing's end? Singapore route is the most reliable route at the moment and most CDN anycast directs go to Singapore or Thailand. India is just too far in terms of logical connection. Please help even if you can't let us choose the test server.




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    Hi @tunwinlat, assuming your location is accurate in the app and on Fings web site?  if they are, I am not aware of any way for Fing to do the test other then what you are seeing.  @Robin_from_Fing, could you confirm?
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    I can confirm @Marc if correct timezone is set and location permissions are enabled on Fing app then M-lab API will automatically pick up nearest server for speedtest.
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    @Robin_from_Fing Yes, it does choose the nearest server geologically. However, the nearest geological server doesn't mean that two countries have the direct Cross-Border connection. In my case, I am from Myanmar and Fing automatically chooses India server when we run the test. Since we don't have a direct Cross-Border Cable, latency is always so high hence the bandwidth is reduced over delay. Singapore would give a much more reliable result in my case but Fing never chooses it. I can use a VPN to get Fing uses Singapore test server and the result is still much better than testing through India. I have attached two images. One is without VPN and Fing is connected to India. Another is with VPN using Singapore Server and Fing is connected to Singapore.