Intermittent IP Anomaly

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Good day to you,

Thank you for taking the time to read my enquiry. For the past several months on running a Fing device scan the IP addresses have altered to include, (according to my amateur research); possibly (Amazon ) cloud IP address locations.

Owing to my being the complainant of an ongoing stalking case, I’d value whatever assessment you can offer.



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    Hi @Arcee26 I’m not really sure what you think we, in the community, can deduce from your screen shots? A traceroute to facebook and list with incomplete device names does not really give us much information to work with.
    As you have a formal complaint in progress I would respectfully suggest you pass this information to the appropriate authority for their assessment; along with your concerns.

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    Apologies for my admittedly feckless presumption. I posted those screenshots in the vague hope they and their (limited) info may be enough to elicit helpful assessment. Thank you however for taking time out of your day to both read and then respond to my request for advice.