How can my kids bypass finbox?

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Id really appreciate some help.  I set up fingbox and it's locked in a room that my kids can't access.  I thought this would solve the problem of how to control their xbox and iphone usage, but no.  Within a few hours they were back on line.  They are only 11 and 13 so I'm amazed that a product that claims to be control access has been beaten so quickly by kids looking up on youtube.  It think they simply change their IP address and on the Xbox, they change the MAC address (I thought you could only have one mac address but apparently not).

Maybe it's user error, so any help on how to use fingbox more effectively would be appreciated, otherwise it was just an expensive mistake.



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    If your router supports ipv6 and they get an ipv6 address, Fingbox will not be able to block.  If they can enable private Mac addressing, the MAC address will randomize and change and that will stop Fingbox from blocking. I’m sure there are other ways.

    You could try enabling your Fingbox to block anything new on your network.  This way if they try to spoof or come in with new addresses, Fing will trap them.  Also, if you do have ipv6 turned on at your router, turn it off if you can do without it. 
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