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why can't fing desktop directly see what fingbox sees ?
fing web version and the fing app (android) can do this.


  • Marc
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    Hey @Aloysius...  Fing treats the products separately which is why the desktop cannot see your Fingbox.  

    The mobile and the Desktop are different stand alone products, though the mobile app can now see what was scanned by the desktop.  The web version can see what was scanned by either app.

    The Fing box is only compatible with the mobile app and requires it.  There is a web app and it can see what was scanned by your Fingbox, Mobile app and the desktop but does not provide complete management of the Fingbox, the mobile app is still needed.

    The desktop app does NOT interact with a Fingbox, cannot see what the Fingbox scanned. It does its own scans...

    See this link for more information from @Robin on the differences....
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