Symantec SEP is blocking fingagent.exe

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Does anybody know how to prevent Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) from blocking Fing?

I am getting irregular results on a home network with hosts sometimes not being discovered by Fing, but responding to ping! My network has about 20 devices.

My setup is Windows 10 Home, wired connection, and I am getting a sporadic notification from Symantec's Firewall as shown in the picture.

I have tried adding exceptions on Symantec's configuration for "fingagent.exe", and even for the whole folder. However, this does not seem to change anything.

By the way, the screenshot was taken with Symantec Threat Protection disabled, just to make it weirder.

Fing DOES work despite the error. Well... kind of...

I cannot change antivirus as it is provided by my employer.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi @MG1529, I feel your pain, re: Symantec.  Sometime I think it causes more issues then it resolves.    Lets see if some folks in the forum can help you out.  @Pixel or @Robin, any experience with using Symantec and its unblocking function with Fing?
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    It can be false alarm that happened last year as well but symantec resolved it from their side with update.
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    hi @MG1529

    your analysis points to an issue with the Symantec software, I would suggest copying your findings to Symantec Support as they may already have knowledge of this problem and are better placed to explain the erratic reporting from a “disabled” app.

    Good luck.