How to upgrade from fingbox v1 to fingbox v2

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I have been having problems with my fingbox v1 (FBv1). It has been going off line and coming back online randomly - but none of my other devices seem to be affected. I’m also seeing devices I don’t recognize appearing on my network. When I removed them, they just came back again. My router also died during this period so I installed a new one.

I tried to follow online instructions to reset my FBv1 but never got that to work. I decided to give up on my FBv1 and bought a new FBv2. Today I opened my new FBv2 and tried to follow the included instructions to install it on my network. I disconnected my FBv1 and connected my FBv2. I already had the app on my phone. So then I looked for the ‘Add New Fingbox’ menu option. It wasn’t where the instructions said but I found it. The new FBv2 was pulsing green so I clicked the ‘Add New Fingbox’ menu option repeatedly but the app could never find the new FBv2. In the app I still see FBv1, which tells me it’s been online since 2018! But I don’t see FBv2.

After doing some research on line, I learned there are a number of issues that could be causing my issue. I’m essentially a novice when it comes to network issues - basically a consumer. I need detailed step by step help to get my FBv2 up and running.

So I’ve disconnected the FBv2 and reconnected FBv1. In the app FBv1 shows being disconnected, as it did when I Started today.

I’m running the app on an iPhone 12