IOS App says I'm not a premium subscriber?

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When I log into the Fing App on my iPhone 11 Pro MAX it keeps telling me I'm not a premium subscriber and the desktop app says contact support? My premium subscription doesn't even renew until July of 2022. So I'm not sure what is wrong but I use it daily and would like it to work!


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    As I can see from the screenshot, you are subscribed to Ads-free subscription which will expire on 2022 July 8.

    Ads-free subscription is different from Fing premium subscription. Fing premium unlocks the premium features on Fing app and Fing desktop while ads-free only disables the ads on Fing app. 

    On your account, I can see that your find premium subscription did not renew which was supposed to renew on 27th July for annual subscription. The error shows that 'there are insufficiency funds on your account' and thus the payment failed and your subscription reduced to 'FREE'

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