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I paid for a year through the Google Play Store for Fing on my phone and my laptop in April. Now it says my desktop fing has expired and i need to pay more, meanwhile my phone fing is fine, This seems dumb . Like walking into walls dumb.


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    Hi @cma12341..  Let me tag @Robin and @Dylan_From_Fing from fing to see if they can help you out.  Please wait for them to reply to this thread before you do anything else.
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    Thanks @Marc
    To address your query, your subscription was paid on monthly basis. No annual subscription is active on your account. You subscribed for Fing premium monthly which is for $6.99 on 23 Aug 2020 and your last payment to renew Fing premium got failed and thus your account reduces to 'Free'
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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