Interaction with Google Fiber 1gb Internet

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How well does Fing desktop and the mobile app work with Google Fiber 1Gig and wireless connections?

I'm sure someone has made the leap to the Google 1Gb train and either raves about how good it is or they are so angry they could spit "bytes" of nails. I've looked in the different categories in the community and found zip, so I'll ask here.

So... Any takers to enlighten me on this before I seriously consider taking the Google plunge?

I'm happy with my spectrum 400 which is actually right at 466mbps. However, 1gbps both ways would be freakin' awesome... Provided there are no issues anyone's having. Fing is my main network tool and I don't want it to go toes up because of Google Fiber.




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    Hi @Jackhammer your question is, not unreasonably, very specific and unlikely to get a response. However, there is no reason why fing should operate better or worse, the main functionality with Fing is to monitor your local (home) area network.
    The benefits of higher speed broadband connection will be most apparent when streaming/on-line gaming/file transfers etc., so your computers will appear to function faster.
    If you can afford the higher speeds go for it, Fing should function normally whatever you decide to do.