Device being accessed from another location?

If a device changes from “Amazon” to “genevieve’s fires tv” and then about 40 minutes later goes back to “Amazon” does that mean the Firestick is being accessed, to view cameras on the Firestick? The Firestick isn’t plugged into the tv, just the outlet. Could it also mean that it is actually a camera that has been named “Genevieve’s fire tv” so nobody looking at the Fing would know it was a camera?



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    Hi @Genevieve_123 when the firestick is powered up then it will automatically get a network address from your router and fing will see it enter the network. To prove what is happening just switch off the power to the firestick and if it disappears (or goes offline) then you will know for certain that it’s your firestick, you can then power up & edit the name of the device to some more meaning to you.