What am I doing wrong as my fing continually goes offline?

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Hello All,

Thanks in advance.  I have my Fing box hooked to my un-managed switch that I have my internet connection run through.  The internet runs from the ont box to the switch.  Plugged into the switch I have the Fing Box, a powerline transmitter, a mesh router and another unmanaged switch.

1 have the powerline to source 2 other networks in the house.  It is a very large property used as a fraternity house.  The first mesh network is for general member use, the powerline provides backbone to another mesh for the residents and a service network for IoT.

I am wanting the Fing box to monitor the main pipe coming into the house.  I have gigabit fiber.

Before I moved to the un-managed switch, I used a router with the wifi turned off as a switch.  The Fing box worked really well but only measured the bandwidth of this 1 router.  

What can I do to keep my Fing box online and measuring the incoming signal?  

I have cranky college aged tenants who complain about speed and know nothing about how the infrastructure works.