A Generic Device is Identified First by Brand then INSTEAD of by Model by "BlueWave Security", Why?

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A regular device on my network, my father-in-law's laptop, registers as a generic device I sought to identify. It identifies by the Brand AzureWave Technology, that I took one step further to find the exact model to make sure it was in fact him, and the options provided were a Tablet/IP Camera/Mobile/IP Camera/IP Camera/IP Camera all with different numbers associated with something called "BlueWave Security". Has anyone ever seen this or had this come up before? I instantly became a little paranoid that his computer had been compromised and was on our network and am trying to determine if my fears are real or if I am over-reacting to something that has a very simple explanation. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Please help.


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    @Joree_Scott, in a number of instances, especially when Fing is unable to identify a device, it will be able to identify the manufacturer of the wireless interface that the device uses to connect to the network.  In your father in laws case, the best Fing can do by itself is to identify the wireless network adapter.  Fing gives you the ability to manually identify a device, first by the icon that identifies the type of device, then by the manufacturer / model. Once you have that, then choose recognize to see if Fing has the make / model of your device in its database and apply it.

    If Fing does not have it in its database, you will see the issue your bringing up above where it shows lots of devices that have an airwaves network device but none of them what you have.

    If when you try to find your actual device and see it does not have it in its database, Fing will ask you to send a suggestion and in many instances after review, they will add it to their database for future selection.

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