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mobaj Member Posts: 1
Hello, can you make fing desktop automatically every x time scan the network? I do not see 
much use to notify if there is a new device connected if I am the one who has to give the 
update button. The logical thing is that it looks every x time and if there is something 
strange that it warns you.
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  • Marc
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    Hi @mobaj, great suggestion.  I turned this into an idea thread where folks can vote for it.  Fing does look at these and consider, especially once folks vote on them.  Also moved this to the Desktop ideas area....
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  • Robin
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    Thanks @Marc
    To update, Fing desktop if running on the machine either in background or minimized then it will run scans automatically every 10-20 mins for premium users and every 50-60 mins for free users.
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