Ethernet Link Speed is Not Optimal

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I recently (yesterday) did a clean install of Mac OS on an iMac 27" (Late 2015).  Since the update, I am getting a fing desktop message "Ethernet Link Speed is Not Optimal: 0.0mbps.  I am also getting the message iMac not connected.  When I look at the messages for specific network interfaces there are two that are not connected (bridge100 and bridge101).  They should not be because they are not used.  There are two that are connected (en0 - wired, and en1 - wireless).  These are correct and should be active.  I am fully able to connect to my network and have run tests with my router and other test programs and my service is running as expected.  Why am I getting a not-connected message with FING?


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    @bm001, what are the bridged interfaces?  Are they Thunderbolt?  Could you select, under your current network, the more button?  Can you screenshot what you see after you select it?  For example, this is what I see with the blues ones my active Ethernet and wifi on my Mac..

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