Current ring server outage July 2 ongoing

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My desktop cannot contact fing servers and 4eports they are unavailable. My android devices do not seem to want to function except via desktop. Two days now. Any estimate of when functionality will be restored?


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    Hi @JoeH, usually when it’s a Fing issue the forums get flooded with complaints.  It might be something on your end.  Has your desktop been rebooted and does the issue persist?  If so try disabling your antivirus and see if it can connect.  Let us know how both go. 
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  • JoeH
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    Thank you and Robin (tech support). I believe the issue is that I want to run WIRESHARK. and there is a npcap conflict. I have not tested this but it seems to match what's happening so I'll agree that's the problem.

    The offered solution was to uninstall wireshark. That seems too catastrophic for me - too bad you guys can't get the software to cooperate. I am evaluating the pros and cons of removing software that I use (wireshark) vs the potential of FING. I haven't made a decision.