Windows 11, coming soon…

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Coming to a computer near you, Microsoft has decided to end the rein of Windows 10 and is introducing its new Windows 11 OS.  They have changed around the UI a bit, tossing cortina, live tiles and added a new centered dock and few macOS and Chrome os like elements.  It looks nice in the photo’s they have posted…. Beta should be available soon. (Actually there are a number of under the hood changes, you should read the article for details)

Note this versions requirements have changed a bit.  Some are not worth mentioning but others are…. This will only be supported on a 64bit CPU and requires a TPM 2.0 capability.  The 64 bit should work for most people but if your computer is older then say 2015 or 14, it might not have a 2.0 TPM module.

Details here from MS….

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