Mystery device going months between joining the network

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I have a device joining my network that I don't recognize so I blocked it and have it alert me when it appears and/or disappears. Some details:

scanned open ports:
1080 socks
1083 ansoft-lm-1
8021 ftp-proxy

network details
MAC address 02:05:85:7F:EB:80
DHCP name usto456544
DHCP vendor MS-UC-Client

I've done some searching but can't find any real leads. Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • MikeS417
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    Today, this thing is hopping on and off. It's kind of funny. It must have been connected before I installed the Fing box a few years ago.
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    If you have access to your router configuration, put that MAC address on the blocked list. Then you don’t have to rely on Fing, that thing sometimes goes offline.