Need help getting my old fingbox back up and running

I am an original fingbox purchaser/supporter from the Indiegogo campaign in 2016.

I noticed over the last several months, I was receiving suggestions that I could sign-up-for / subscribe-to fing for additional features.  As a fingbox owner, I didn't know if this subscription suggestion would apply to me.  It seemed to me that the fingbox already did the things that were promised to would-be new subscribers (presumably people who don't yet own a fingbox). I didn't subscribe.

Then, I noticed in the last couple of months or so, my fingbox was no longer showing any devices on my network.  Instead, I had to scan manually if I wanted to see what's connected.

I started to wonder why... Does the fingbox no longer do its own active scanning, and keep a list of all devices as it used to? Did something change in the fingbox firmware such that I must now subscribe to see what's in the fingbox's active device list?  Is my fingbox broken or just not working right?

I still received alerts when something new connected to my network, or if something dropped off.  The box itself still had blue blinking lights like normal.
When I look in the app on my Android phone, under my fingbox / "See all devices" / under the Devices tab, there's just a message stating "No results" with a line below: "Try searching for different criteria".  I don't understand... This is where I used to have a list of everything on my network.  Now, to see what's on my network, I have to scan, using the fing app on my phone, under "Current WI-FI".

Then I recalled that I did change the password for my fing account (among others) a couple of months ago after a security scare, so wondered if that has anything to do with my issue.  I can and do sign into fing okay with my account and new password, so wondered if the fingbox itself was remembering old credentials?

At this point, I decided that I should follow the procedure to reset my fingbox to factory spec, and start over from scratch.

I disconnected the fingbox power supply, did the paper-clip button-press in the reset hole, powered back up while keeping the reset button depressed for 30 sec, and watched as a single white LED came on, followed shortly by a blinking ring of white LEDs.  After a few minutes, the blinking white ring of LEDs stopped, and only a single white LED was illuminated.  I read that at that stage, I should unplug power from the fingbox, wait 5 sec, then plug it back in.  I did this and was left worrying that there was still just a single white light lit.  But, finally, after awhile, the fingbox displayed a ring of green lights.

Checking my DHCP server, I found that the fingbox had successfully leased an IP address (the address had changed from what it was originally, but at least it was back on line).

I'm still looking at a ring of green lights on the fingbox.  The app on my phone still shows "No results" under my fingbox.  In the app, under the fingbox's network configuration, it is showing the newly leased IP address.

I'm not sure what to do next to get the fingbox doing what it used to do.

Is there a way to delete, and then re-add the fingbox in the app?  Any other suggestions for what I should try?

Thanks in advance for any insights and suggestions.

Richard Lafrance


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    Just a follow-up...

    Two things got my fingbox going again.  After waiting a couple of hours while the fingbox sat there with a ring of solid-green lights, I unplugged the power and powered it back on again, and waited some more.  I was relieved to eventually see mostly blue LEDs and one green one.  It looked more like normal to me.

    When I connected from a PC to, and logged in, the fingbox showed up again.

    I then muddled in the app on my android phone for awhile, and finally found where I could long-press on the fingbox, and remove it from my network.  When I rescanned the network in the fing app, it found the fingbox, and I was able to add it back to the network, configure its settings, and save them.  Back to normal again.

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    Last follow-up...

    As it turns out, I did NOT have a problem with my fingbox.  The effort I expended to reset the fingbox back to factory spec, and subsequent removal from my account / network was completely unnecessary.  It was still an interesting exercise, and a learning experience that may prove helpful in the future.., and perhaps my accounting of the process might prove useful in aiding others.

    My 'issue', which I am now embarrassed to admit, was that I had somehow had a filter turned on.  In the fingbox app (I'm using the android version), when looking at the device list as captured by the fingbox, at the bottom of the screen, there's a symbol that resembles an electrical-ground schematic-symbol... three horizontal lines, stacked vertically: A longer line on top, shorter below, and shortest below that.  Clicking on that opens a "Filter by" dialog box with 9 radio-buttons.  Somehow, mine had been selected to filter on "Blocked" devices (there were none of these in my device list - hence the "No results" message I was seeing).

    In that "Filter by" dialog, selecting "All" instead of "Blocked" was all I would have needed to do to 'fix' my issue and display a full list of my networks devices.  I'm such a bonehead sometimes - Doh! Idiot!  (Slaps head).  * sigh *

    Live and learn I guess.  I think I'll go crawl under a rock now... LOL.


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    Thanks @Richard_L for sharing your troubleshooting steps. It is always a good exercise when you play around with new things to gain experience on it. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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