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Our tv currently isn’t working   It’s turning the channels by its self  everything about my internet is Messed up too much to keep typing about you can look at my profile questions I’ve already posted if you feel u  need more details to help me diagnose this issue  but check out these pics    Btw I already know that there’s a personal router in my  internet Xfinity even said so on accident  they thought I did it lmfao   But anyway Check these out 


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    From the first screenshot I can see you have not enabled location permissions for the Fing app. Please go to mobile settings and enable the location permissions for Fing apps so it can recognise the network and identify the devices correctly.
    Anything you would like to add @Marc @Pixel

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    There’s plenty of screenshots but not a lot of information to work with or details of what the actual network issue is, the TV channel problem i think is a “red herring.” Connecting to “Null” rings alarm bells that the setup probably hasn’t worked properly or settings have been changed which are masking issues. I would be inclined to delete the app & reinstall it while accepting the default settings, then run a full scan of the network. Leave notifications turned on for all devices initially so that changes will be identified easily as they happen.
    (Sorry but I don’t have time to read all of the other posts).