Fingbox continues to flash blue after blocking device

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I have auto-block on my Fingbox. A rogue device continues to try to access my network. The device is blocked but the blue light does not stop flashing — ever.

Removing the device will cause it to attempt reentry and activate the flashing blue light.


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    Thank you. One of the blocked devices was in notification! I managed the device — hit “dismiss” and the light stopped blinking.



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    @Justice, I moved this to the Fingbox area for you for relevance.  The light should go out if the issue is acknowledged or no longer poses a threat.  I can see it continue to flash if it keep trying to break in.  

    @Robin, what is the normal behavior of the light in this situation and is there any way to permanently silence it or is this working as designed? 
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  • Justice
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    Thank you. The blue light has been flashing for hours. Seems as though the block function should be linked to “notification.” At midnight all notifications go away.

    Or Block should be armed with a permanence function that notes the MAC address— (which is how it keeps entering) and or the IP address. Blocks should be blocked.

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    Thank you @Marc
    Removing a device will only ignore the device and deletes from the Fing App. It means that you do not want to monitor that particular device but when you rescan the network and if the device is still connected to that network, it will appear again on the network. Removing a device does not delete the device from the network. 
    If you have auto-block enabled and if the device tries to enter your network then you will receive some notification on Fing app. Please check under Notification tab if any alert is waiting for your attention. Once all notifications are attended, the light will stop blinking. Also, can you share the picture of blue light flashing? Is it continuous or blinking?
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