Why is desktop app blank?

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Fing Desktop opens to blank screen. I have reinstalled multiple times. Please advise!


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    Hi @andreahuber...  Lets tag @Robin from Fing to see if he can help.  To confirm, when you installed did you install with all of the defaults, aka in the applications folder etc?
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    Thanks @Marc

    @andreahuber To address the blank screen, Can you please follow these commands on the terminal?

    • Command 1: /usr/bin/pgrep fingagent

    • Command 2: sudo lsof -nP -iTCP:48080 -sTCP:LISTEN

    On running the 2nd command, it will ask for a password and you need to enter the login password of your MacBook

    After the 1st command, it will return a number example: 0000. You need to use this number in the command given below.

    Command: sudo kill -9 0000(result of 1st command)

    After this, can you reboot your device and then check if the issue persists? 

    You can also check under Activity Monitor if multiple Fing agents are running then you can quit all those Fing agents and then reboot your device and open Fing desktop again to see if it is working now.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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