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How can I put a time limit of usage on devices? For example, how can I limit the WiFi time of the PlayStation?


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    Hey @Hans___..  Let me start you off.  A number or Routers provide parental support which can limit access to devices based on a schedule you choose.  Some, like Linksys provide it as a separate offering, some include it by default.

    Fing provide something they call a Fingbox which allows you, in conjunction with their mobile app, to schedule when a device or person can be on the internet or when it can't.

    In this case you would assign the Playstation to the person and schedule the person as to when they can be or can't be on the internet.

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    @Hans___ Dlink provides a very simple to use Parental Control feature.

    I restrict computers, cellphones and a playstation used by our two school going kids starting from 22h00 during Weekdays and from midnight on weekends.

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    Hi, this is not particularly helpful in answering your question but as a fellow Playstation owner, I thought the traffic patterns seen coming from the Playstation, especially Playstation 5, are interesting.  Here is a screenshot from my pi-hole DNS server.  The gray areas in the attached graphic are when I had the Playstation 5 powered on.  The blocked DNS queries are a LOT of telemetry requests trying to go from the PS5 back to Sony, that I block. 

    My OPNsense firewall provides the ability at my house to limit any person or devices that rely on my network (vs. cell networks). 

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