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Hi, i made a new account with the same fingbox. I wanted to change the emailadres of the account. But on my new account the ads are coming in the app? And I can't als ad my fingbox to my app anymore. The light is not turning green. So since I changed my account i cant use my fingbox anymore, can't ad it and I am seeing advertorials? please help


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    Best for me would be that my old account changes  from emailadress. Then we can remove the new account
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    Ok thanks @michiel12. What is happening is you are not logging in to the correct Fingbox account. Fingbox users would not see ads. So this means you are logging into the Fing account only. 
    In order for your to change your Fingbox account I'll need to create you a ZenDesk ticket from this thread as its private information that needs validation and processing. I'm creating the ticket now. 
    Fing App emails cannot be changed - but Fingbox ones we can process.
    Look out for email updates on the matter. 

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