Financial website’s using TraceRoute

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All websites are 8 to 12 hops (great!). However, financial websites, examples:,, - these have long delays, get “stuck” and actually after 25plus hops i just end the test.,, -all fast, 8 to 12.

So why is this? Do any of you have this? This isn’t “normal” right?

Any suggestions?


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    One theory is that this may be due to your firewall settings, however I also have this problem but traceroute doesn’t time out,  it takes a few minutes to complete…but is not really a concern.
    ”Most firewalls block traffic outbound on ports other than TCP/80 which is the default IP port for web traffic. traceroute in Linux default use UDP, ping use ICMP, so as your output, it seems that ICMP packets are allowed in your firewall whereas UDP packets are blocked by the firewall.”
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