My modem runs at around 450 and drops to around 380 with VPN

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I'm sorry I don't understand anything about routers or modems I just know that when I open my VPN it says I am connected to the net but with problems like DNS Resolution not found, and I have to change my password at some sites every day. Wish I could remember more of the errors. DNS thing is the most prominent one.

Bob20                       Obviously this side is the side I don't have password issues with because I have not logged in here for months namely because I don't understand the lingo.


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    I have merged your discussions to single post as they all talk about the same issue. For Fing desktop warnings, the reason for not able to view the connection is due to your VPN. As VPN hides the real network, it is difficult for Fing desktop to identify the real network and thus you will get a warning.
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    Hi, using a VPN is normally slower than direct access so it’s expected behaviour. Try a different DNS server cloudfare or google for example (cloudfare = or a google search for dns servers will reveal theirs).
    Post some screenshots of errors and we may be able to help further.
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    I thank you for your answer -- the error codes pop-up infrequently. But just consist 0f : you are connected to the internet but with problems or issues. The VPN sometimes says welcome --  all systems good and other times good (to network) DNS Not resolved. I will
    try to get a screenshot and I have received another answer about using a different DNS. This I don't know how to do, and Spectrum won't help you if you are using a VPN. I will try and learn more and reply to you. What happens is passwords sometimes expire in one day and the latest problem is I can't receive email from Bitdefender at My home email but can at the other my second - - Email that is.

    Haven't had much time to work on it lately, but it does some to be something involving DNS. Thank you for your time. I get over 400 even when I have that ---- connected to Internet but DNS not resolved. Where does one send pics here?

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    luck I may be able to get one with a specific code -- E$???***. I appreciate the help I have received
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    @Ken20, I moved this to the Fing Desktop area for relevance and tagging @Robin from Fing for assistance for you.
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    I'll go anywhere where I can get help --- Microsoft seems clueless - my Malware ( and a good one ,I thought ) is wanting all the data I can send them. I do so appreciate your help. It's lingo I don't speak.
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    So Internet connection is ok but with problems or :ok but DNS is not resolved" may not be true. Well I was living with that as I still had plenty of speed. Now Bitdefender's support tickets do not reach me but their spam or offers do; however I can ask them to carbon copy the support and I get the messages at the 2another email. This morning I got a Welcome all looks good and within 10 mins. Here come the DNS errors. Passwords will not keep for more than a day on some sites, but others last until I change them. I have been using the same password here for example for probably 7 months and even thought I seldom come here  -- because I am not familiar with say how to change DNS -- I think that is where my problem is, but my password still works. Another site, I may have to change it tomorrow. Thank you for your help, I have a more little more hope now.

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    Your not necessarily problem but issues are from your VPN. Without looking I can almost bet that either you reboot your VPN daily or it refreshes daily therefore according to different sites you are changing your Mac and/or IP address daily or whenever meaning these sites no longer recognize you as who you were before that happened. There are 2 ways you resolve this with a little effort. You either look more into the settings of you VPN provider specifically about frequency of and when it makes those changes. Plus what you are able to do if you would like that to change. If that doesn't work look into other VPN providers and what they may offer instead. Second option would be to drop your VPN and study up on proxy chains, tor browsers, and some more advanced networking tools in a way building your own VPN protecting your data. Remember that a VPN will almost always slow down your speeds and you may not be able to access some sites due to it saying you are in Sweden today then the United States tomorrow and not everywhere has access to everything if that makes sense.