Seemingly random intermittent outages on Fing and other IoT devices

Am getting seemingly random intermittent outages on Fing, SmartThings, and Hue but does not show up on streaming or browsing devices. Outage time varies from 5ish min to an hour and happens almost every hour.

Ping and Traceroute are of no use in debugging this issue. I need something that can tell me if there are any correlated events, a device that has bad DNS - the application of some smart network diagnostics. I would have assumed that FIng could coordinate between my phone and the Fing box to probe and help understand the issue.   

Have AT&T fiber to Google Home routers. 
Fing 11.2.0


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    Hi the first thing to look at, are there any logs or logging options on your router? The Router (being the first point of access to the outside world) logs should show if there are any genuine outages, if there are none then we need to look at devices/configuration within your local network.
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    Have Google WiFi. Looked around and could not see way to get a log out it...
    Don't think there are external outages as non-IoT devices don't have issues. Feel there is a device in-network behaving badly. Trying to find a tool that can watch network events to see if any are coincidental to IoT device outages.