Parental Control

Dear Sirs/Madam,
I come from Malaysia. 
1) May I know whether this app have a function or setting of wifi blocker and parental control such as time access for the device?
2) If question 1 is yes. Can you share with me how to set it ?
3) If question 1 is yes. May I know does this mean I can perform the setting anyway and not necessary from home?
4) After I down load the desktop app, I found my local internet provider TM by right it should be TIME because I am using TIME service.  I am wondering anything go wrong with this app ?
5) I try to search for the device after downloaded the app. Does this mean I don't see all the device who are using the internet. Some device is missing from the list.


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    Hi @CatherineCheng, welcome to the forums.  The app by itself cannot do #1.  You would need a Fingbox appliance to implement those features.  But if you had a Fingbox, you could do #2 and #3 and their features would appear in your MOBILE app. 

    You should be able to see all devices connected to your Wifi router, but sometimes their names might not match the actual device.  Count what Fing see's versus how many devices you actually have on line and see if that number matches.  if it does, we might have some suggestions as to how to identify things on your network.
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