Why is my open Fing App not showing my network in the Home tab?

I use Fing v2.6.0 on MacOS Big Sur 11.3.1 on an iMac.  On the Home Tab, My Network is not shown.  All I see is the Header "YOUR CONNECTIVITY HEALTH" and grey asterisks for This Device, Your Network, Internet.  No status, no connected devices, NADA, NOTHING!  What is going on?  How can I fix this?


  • Marc
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    @ScottieWattie, is this the first time you’ve installed it?  Has it ever worked?  Also could you screenshot what you are seeing…
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  • ScottieWattie
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    Thank you, Marc.  I forced quit Fing, and reopened.  It took a little while to load, but the Home tab did populate with my network details, after all.  I appreciate the quick follow-up!  Cute doggie...