Cannot add my Fingbox to the Fing mobile app

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Hello, I got a new iPhone, and now it seems I can no longer add my Fingbox to the fing mobile app of my new iPhone. It appears the fingbox is online just fine (I get digital presence notifications), however I just can't add my fingbox. I tried to power off and power on. No luck. The Fingbox cannot be found.

Appreciate your help to getting this resolved.

@Robin could you possibly help me out please. My fngbox has been working like a charm since December 2018 and happy customer.

Thank you


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    I have sent you private message to address your query. Please reply to my message directly as I would log files and network information to isolate the issue. Thanks 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • CCorneillie
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    Hi Robin, thanks! It seems my issue has been resolved. I think it was related to PICNIC ("problem in chair, not in computer")  :).

    Kind regards