Why would Fing web show a different ISP then the app?

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I’v had security issues with my web and suspect foul play


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    Perhaps your home network is on a different ISP than your mobile provider is.

    If your mobile devices wifi is off and using mobile data, it would surely display it as your mobile carrier for the ISP? Instead of your home PC's ISP.

    Example: Telecom home broadband & Vodafone for mobile, so not the same provider for both.

    Though your question isn't very clear of your exact circumstances anyway, this is merely just a guess.

    A VPN might also affect this?

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    Can you share screenshot from both web app and Fing app?
    For ISP name detection, I would like to tell you that we use GEOIP2 City Database API by MaxMind. And they update their database every week. If the Fing App shows a different ISP name rather than what you use, It is because the same name is picked up GEOIP2 City Database. The ISP name is identified based on the public IP address by Fing App and then it is matched against the GEOIP2 City Database API. 
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