Can i get a refund?

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Hello my name is yasmin, i want to ask, can i get a refund for the subscribtion fee? The chronology is, I only tried this application on my iphone with an existing free trial, but forgot to cancel it, and the balance in my account suddenly disappeared, after checking it turned out that I subscribed to this application for one year. i need a reply ASAP, bcs i need the money for my collage tuition. pls contact me at ADDRESS REMOVED, thank you.


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    Hi @Yasmin_mumtaza25, I moved your post to the Fing account section for relevance.  Also removed your email address to keep that private.  Probably not a good idea to post that in a public forum.  Someone from Fing should pick this up and contact you via direct messaging.  @Robin or @Ciaran, tagging you folks for awareness.
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    Thanks @Marc for the support. 
    I have sent you private mail to address your query. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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