Unable to remove the link to the Desktop

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Hi, I removed the Desktop app linked but it keeps giving me this message. I want to have the scan only from Smartphone and not from PC. How do i remove it?


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    Hi @capitano95

    To delete the Fing desktop network from the Fing App, please follow these steps:

    • Sign in to Fing App and from the Home tab, click on "3 lines icon"

    • This will take you through to the Networks screen which contains a list of all your Monitored and Scanned networks.

    • Swipe left on the Network or long tap on the Fing desktop network and then it will ask if you want to detach all networks or the current Fing desktop network. Choose your option and then you can hit close.

    Detaching a network will remove it from the Home dashboard. Detaching all networks will move all the networks scanned by Fing desktop to the Scanned networks list. If you chose to detach the current network only then it will move the recent network scanned by the Fing desktop to the Scanned network list.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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