Moving Fingbox to a new network failed in Fing app, what now?

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I was trying to move my Fingbox v1 from the original Kickstarter campaign days to a new network using the Fing app and following these instructions:, then opened the
Add a Fingbox
in the app. It told me that it would take a few minutes and the yellow lights on top of the Fingbox started flashing long-long-short-short. Since it was taking  a long time, I moved over to a different app on my phone. When I got done using that app about 15 minutes later, I went back to the Fing app and discovered that it was no longer on the
Setup a new Fingbox
screen, and the Fingbox was still flashing long-long-short-short. I waited another 15 minutes or so then re-opened 
Add a Fingbox
again in the app, where it told me that it was

That was last night. now it says
and I'm back to the
Setup a new Fingbox
screen, but the the light on the top circle is definitely not green.
What do I do now? Can I reset the Fingbox down to bare metal without using the app, especially since it's no longer attached to detach??
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