Security issues,being hacked and watched through my phone cameras

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Hello, I have had a problem for the last two years. Someone hacks my wifi,then can get into every device that hooks on to my wifi. They watch me through the device cameras, listen through anything with a mic,can see anything I do on any device,even photo shopped every pic in my macbook,my phone's,locked me out of my google account and threatening to set me up for something to get me a lot of time in prison. I got a new docsis 3.1 router and I'm noticing devices I don't recognize,how can I change my password,even wifi name? I go into the admin settings but no combo of passwords and admin names work. Help!!!

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    This sounds exactly like Gang-stalking.



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    So how do you know they're watching through cameras I wonder

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    I know for a fact that this IS GOING ON,and how I know is that I have found TP LINK Routers hidden in the eaves of my home three different times,they take control of my phone ANYTIME they like. I've gotten emails with recorded videos of myself on my phone,a split screen view of me from my phone's camera and what I am doing on my phone on the other side. Also videos of myself and family from views of every laptop,computer,security camera in the house. The person responsible for this is someone who's known for his computer knowledge and gaming. He started his own forum that's very controversial. He's also cyber bullied people in the past so much so that he's responsible for 3 people commiting suicide,he's a well known white supremacist. He goes by the nickname "Null" online. He started a website called "Kiwi Farms",his real name is Joshua Keegan Moon,look him up. He is also my nextdoor neighbor. Our wonderful Sheriff's department employs him part time in their computer crimes department working off community service hours for an arrest. So he has somewhat of some power to ruin people's lives. I know when intellectuals are presented with something they know nothing about,it's always the same answer," your paranoid"," this just isn't possible,your on drugs" etc. .Never have I just gotten the answer " hmmm I just don't know" because they can't handle the fact that there's a possibility that they just DONT KNOW EVERYTHING,SO IT HAS TO BE ME,IM THE ONE PARANOID,OR JUST WRONG, because they know everything. Huh? @The_Vorlon There's just no possible way YOU JUST DONT HAVE A CLUE. But prove me wrong,show me how there's just no possible way this man could be doing this to me, because,after all that's what I need is answers. I don't know everything,I'm just a dumb lil redneck from the panhandle of florida that just couldn't possibly understand the genius of you.

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    I been having the same issues for over 3 years with the gang stalking. Hacking iPhone i watch and Mac shutting down my cams. Can’t use WiFi. Changing all passwords and taking over accounts. I was in Washington DC 2 years ago about this and the fbi said that it’s definitely gang stalking but it’s not big enough for them to help me and my mom that love in same neighborhood just different streets. Apple knows it being done along with google and Verizon wireless and other company’s. It’s real amd it sucks being watched every ware you go every electronic device you touch. I feel for you

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    If this happened "threatening to set me up for something to get me a lot of time in prison", orally, in writing, or by any other means and you have proof, depending on applicable city, county, state, or federal laws regarding communication of a threat, you should be able to take legal action.

    Regarding your hacked Wi-FI, if you really don't know how to secure it and your router, start hereor here to get started.
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    So what does this have to do with Fing and why is it that the OP, plus various other posters, have never posted in this community before?  Methinks something strange is going on...
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    At nozero I have google WiFi amd I just had they company out yesterday to bring me a new router. I have changed my password but it still does no good. When I use Fing it shows computers and phones on my network that aren’t mine. Is there anyway to lock my internet down to just my iPhone 10s max and my MacBook Pro and nothing else? I have tried but it also locks me amd my Mac out. My WiFi runs 5 WiFi security cams and I hard wired 2 terra byte Dvr box that I can hook up to 8 cams to it but only have 2 at the moment. As far as cops go I have made over 150 reports with my local sheriffs amd have yet in 3 years talked to one investigator. I have also flower from Cincinnati to Washington DC to meet with the fbi and well all they could tell me is until someone kills you or tries to kill you and my local sheriffs dept calls them in they won’t help. I have cam pics and videos of these people in my home while I’m sleeping. But it just so happens my WiFi cameras just happen to pause during thw time they come in and i till they leave. The only reason I got any pic is I have a pair of spy glasses with a memory card in it amd I sleep in them. Any help would be great and I think I changed my username from boodles27956 to this but I’m the same poster from the top. Thank you in advance