Real Contact Person from Fing!? No email notification no status, nothing?

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Hello I am looking for a fing support
Contact!? A real support contact person!
Today I upgraded to Premium to include the notifications  for online offline status of a computer ...
NOTHING works no push-up on the phone, no email notification no status nothing.
Look for a fake application! And now I find neither a direct support contact still a possibility of
Withdraw the purchase of the premium license.
Not even a purchase confirmation or receipt! What is this here?
But yes the app now seems to be premium.

Yes the computer is online, yes everything is configured,
Dekstop app is running ...  I can switch up and down, on and offline and nothing happens ...
From "Automatic" to 1 Min. or 10 Min.  notification  nothing.

Just an email from Fing! Level 1 ??? So email works

I do not need fing-premium  if  on / offline Status notification 
does not run smoothly !!!
Maybe I can still stop the payment ...
then I'm sure someone will answer me!

This is translated with  help from google translate ...
Sorry for plain english!

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  • G_S4Fing
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    Everyone out there, I have to apologize !!

    There was super direct support after my angry lines.
    I got support with my problem almost immediately
    Many thanks at this point!
    I also found the area where you can get your bill
    for download. Everything Ok.

    I hope my apology can be accepted !!
    What was I mad ?! Then you shouldn't write anything!

    (sorry for my plain english) Help from Google-tranlator...


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    G_S4Fing, I moved this to the Fing app area so you get the right support response.  Also tagging @Robin and @Ciaran from Fing to see if they can help you.
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    I have sent you a private mail to address your query quickly. To update, Fing does not provide phone support at the moment. We always try to reach the user within 24 hours working from Mon-Fri given they have created a support ticket. During the weekends, the support team is not available. Please check your inbox for my mail and reply directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
    Getting Started? Please refer to Community guidelines & Community User Guides. HAPPY POSTING!!!