Installing a hidden camera

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So we are renting right now, I opened my Fing app and did a search. It’s saying that there is. Hidden camera installed in our WiFi or in our rental. Does anyone know how you can install. Hidden camera in a rental and have it connect to the local WiFi?


  • Tom_OUSA
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    QBF41,  Your question isn't phrased well enough for many of us to understand completely.  But, I would assume you are wondering how anyone could have installed a Wi-Fi camera and you not be able to locate it physically.  The Fing app could be right, or it could simply be misinterpreting another devices ID and manufacturer name.  This is quite common.  If you are concerned about the possibility of a hidden camera, note the following:  a) they require a dedicated power supply to remain on for more than a day or two; batteries don't last that long when powering Wi-Fi.  So, there has to be a cable to the camera;  b) there are many other free Wi-Fi scanners available for your phone that could verify if the IP address of that device is in fact made by a camera manufacturer, or not;  c) there simply are not may covert cameras that are extremely hard to find.  Most are made into everyday items, like smoke detectors, clocks, books, desktop items, and now even wall power adapters.  So, it isn't too hard to locate them.  d) Many rental owners have started installing simple covert cameras to monitor if renters are abiding by the terms of their lease.  So, it is possible.  Almost all of these are manufactured in China, or an Asian county.  So, in an scanner, look for a manufacturer name that indicates such, i.e. Huawei, Hikvision, etc.;  e)  if you have the ability to log into the rental units router (by browsing to its IP and using a default password), most routers will reveal al the IP's and their outgoing TCP/UDP traffic destination.  A camera will typically be sending UDP traffic to a foreign IP, or at least an IP that is owned by a foreign entity, i.e. Tencent.  You can discover an IP's location and server by using a website like .   Best of luck.
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    You may be making more of a meal out of this than necessary, if the camera is on your WiFi why not just change the WiFi Password?