Why have my features been restricted in my app?

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I have been on board since the beginning of the Fing journey to create a community, I've taken part in market research to help give user insight, I have had a Fingbox at least a cpl of years before the community was even started (I've logged in with my Google account because for some reason the Fing app/Fingbox account doesn't automatically log in when selecting the community tab from within the App).

Anyway that's not my issue.

My issue is that as a long term loyal (cos let's face it there's plenty of free & more feature-full network utility apps available) user, Fingbox owner, community contributor (my other account), as time has passed my once useful Fing app & it's features have been gradually reduced & restricted (unless I pay).

This seems to me an act of total disconnection with ones users, especially the ones that have helped Fing become what it is today!

Even if what it is today is another network utility tool that witholds any real use behind a payment request.

I'm not even asking for access to the new features just that my current ones aren't restricted bit by bit update by update.

I'm sure I can't be the only person who feels this way?

If it were my choice I would grant all Fing hardware users free unrestricted access to the application, I would also do that for the people who helped to build the community & we all know who we/you are.

So now my app has no history beyond yesterday (unless I pay) it's become more redundant.




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    Hi @Virtual_D

    In recent months we have launched Fing Premium. Fing Premium subscribers will have access to additional features, services, tools etc. that expand the functionality of the free version of the software.

    Premium Plan info:https://app.fing.com/internet/account/subscribe/choose#

    Since its inception, we continued to add features to Fingbox, free of charge (e.g. auto-block functionality, expanded monthly reports etc.). All of these existing Fingbox functionality will still work on Fingbox and there is no subscription required to access these features on your Fingbox. If you cannot see any of your existing Fingbox features, please ensure you are logged into the correct account associated with your Fingbox (this can be checked on the 'Account' tab of the app)

    We now currently have 3 product offerings:

    1. Fing Mobile App

    2. Fing Desktop

    3. Fingbox

    Currently, whilst there are benefits for Fingbox users (e.g. local API tool), Fing Premium is particularly beneficial to the Mobile App & Fing Desktop users. However, going forward, we do plan on adding additional features that will also further benefit Fingbox users.

    It is completely optional if users want to subscribe or not, as mentioned, if you are a Fingbox user, none of your Fingbox features or functionalities have been affected.

    I hope this clarifies this for you, but if you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I feel the same way and have complained about this before. I got the same disconnected response from fing. Now even more restrictions have recently been done. I don't see the point of fing anymore. As an original backer I feel betrayed by fing. I will look elsewhere now.