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The internet pause feature on my app has been missing for months. Is this now a premium feature?


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    @PeterH, these are the only pause features that I am aware that Fing support.  Assuming you have a Fingbox and are using the mobile app as this will not work on the desktop.

    Edit:  I also moved this to the Fingbox area for relevancy of subject.
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    I have a Fingbox and I’m using the mobile app on an iPhone. The only Manage Device features I have are: Events; Remove device; Ping; Trace route; Find open ports; Wake on LAN. The pause internet button on my Fing app disappeared months ago. Any advice on how to get the pause internet button? I’ve signed out and the signed back in, but that didn’t work.

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    Hi @PeterH
    If you are having problems accessing your Fingbox functionality, firstly, ensure you are logged into the account associated with your Fingbox (check this from the 'Account' tab).

    If your Fingbox network is not displaying on your 'Home' tab, you can add the Fingbox network manually. To add Fingbox to your Home tab, please follow the steps below:
    1. Sign in to the Fing app

    2. From the Home tab, click on "All Networks" or "3 lines icon"

    3. If your Fingbox is connected then it will show under My Fingboxes and below you will find all 'Scanned Networks'

    4. Next to Fingbox network, there is Home icon. Either Long press or swipe on that network.

    5. You will get an option to "Add to Home". Click on it

    6. Hit Close

    If you want to swap to a different network as well, follow the same steps and from 'Scanned Networks' you can select your network and it will show all devices connected to it.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thank you. Have now solved the problem. My fingbox is connected to the main modem/router whereas my fing app was connected to the separate wifi network. Once I connected the app to the main modem/router the pause button appeared.