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Can't seem to determine what device this is. 
The MAC address lookup says it's Radinet, I've found the loginpage to it, but even there nothing is shown what kind of device it is. 

So has anyone an idea?


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    I tried googling this as well and unless your in India and using Radiant as your ISP, it looks like its some sort of management products for networks.  Can you screenshot the login screen?
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  • BjörnDCBjörnDC Member Posts: 2
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    has basic security, so I could logon to this device. 
    it gives me a dashboard

    earlier this morning I needed to install a new modem (docsis 3.1 yeah), so I decided to reboot the entire network. 
    the only devices that don't popup in the overview in Fing are a D-Link DGS-108 and a D-Link GO-SW-5G, both switches. 
    but bizarrely, the third switch in my house is on the list (TP-Link), the other two aren't read by Fing. 

    Best guess is that one of the D-Link switches is this radinet thingy...

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