Router vulnerability under settings

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I have over 11,000 ports showing up that have been coded in very specific folder names. The strange thing is every port has something to do with what I am doing in my everyday life. Is this normal? It seems to me someone is spending a lot of time coding everything I am doing. Example ( I recently moved and changed my address to my father because I was moving there. But at the last minute I had to stay where my child was at. So the postal forward I did had to be changed. We can not get the change fixed after 6 months. The reason for the story is 2 of the ports are named pop2 uspostal service, the pop3 uspostal service) Just one example of thousands. I am currently about to start a remote job out of my home there are like 8 ports named remote job1, remote job2. Is this an issue? Here are a few of the 11,000.


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    What you are checking is edit TCP services which means you are checking the number of ports Fing app and Fingbox uses to run scan against. It is not the ports opened on your network but a list of ports which Fing app runs checks against.
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