Connecting a Fingbox to a wired LAN with no Wi-Fi

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Hi All,

I want to connect a Fingbox to a wired network which has no Wi-Fi AP for security reasons and have this box additionally appear in my Fing app alongside my other internal network boxes.

I realise a lot of the functionality of the FB will be irrelevant on this network but a lot still would be useful to me.

Anyone know if this is possible & how to achieve this without temporarily plugging in an AP then removing the monitored BSSID from the FB when the AP is subsequently removed?

It's frustrating to me that I can only scan for a new FB over wireless on a network from the Fing app even if my phone is connected through a wired connection to the same network and the FB is green and active. I'd even go with adding manually via local IP and MAC address. :)

Anyone done this or have any ideas before I attempt to shoehorn an AP in temporarily?




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    @SRP, tagging @Robin from Fing to see if he can answer this for you.
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    Hi @SRP
    To confirm, you are not using Wifi connection at all. Is that right? In this case, you might not be able to activate Fingbox as Fing app will search Fingbox over Wifi and not the Wired connection. As Fing App is a network monitoring device which largely focuses on Wifi rather than ethernet connection as with wired connection, it is a dedicated connection which becomes hard for anyone to monitor.

    I would like to tell you that Fing app can only scan that network on which the Fing App is installed. If your device is connected to wifi then it will run the scan and look for devices connected to that network. If you are using mobile data or a dongle then it can scan only that network and look for devices connected to that network. Also, if your devices are connected via wired connection, then Fing App will not be able to detect the device but the router/modem it is connected to will show multiple IP addresses in Fing App. That means, the router/modem has reserved some IP addresses for some specific usage and that usage can be for ethernet connected devices.  


    If your phone is connected with ethernet(Wired) connection, Fing might not be able to work. Fing App works on TCP/IP model and there are L2 & L3 protocols, while physical transmission of wireless packets goes below that level at L1. 
    See "Data link layer" and "Physical layer" in
    Scanning of devices in the user's network(wifi) requires the devices to have joined the network to recognize by the App. Devices listed in the fence do not have that requirement, and we can only monitor their wireless presence through the data they send over the air. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thanks so much for the reply @Robin, To give you a clearer picture.

    I used to have a single monolithic network with 3 APs and a single Fingbox that monitored all the BSSIDs these APs produced and provided all Fingbox's other neat features.

    Subsequently, I have split my security cameras, POE switch and DVR onto a separate totally wired network with wired WAN access. Obviously, all those devices have now disappeared from my Fing app and I miss things like port probing, speed test etc. and new device notification on that network.

    I have a spare Fingbox that I was going to place on this network to get this functionality back.

    The network has no Wi-Fi AP at all currently, nor do I want it to long term.

    Since the Fing app searches for new Fingboxes on Wi-Fi I wondered if there was another way of adding the spare Fingbox without tenorarily plugging in an AP into this camera network, scanning for and finding the second Fingbox, then removing the AP long term but having the second Fingbox still appear in my Fing app home screen. I tried a wired USB C to Ethernet adapter to my phone in an attempt to get around the Wi-Fi scanning/adding requirement so now I guess I'm back to the temporary AP idea.

    I totally realise that the wireless associated features of the second Fingbox would be unavailable to me once I remove the AP (I even planned on manually deleting the obsolescent temporary BSSID from the second FB's AP list), however, are you also saying that other non wireless features would also no longer run in this scenario because the Fingbox uses its connection to the AP to perform many of its non Wi-Fi functions too rather than the ethernet->router->WAN connection?