router vaunetability scan

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not really sure what I'm looking at need some help with these results anything helps thanks.


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    Seems to look normal to me.

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    Maybe if normal means a large number of detected vulnerabilities, I would agree with you. You’d do well to check out this link below:

    @cantufil5 APKPure is an attack vector. If your phone (OnePlus8T+ 5G) is on your home network (which it is), your whole network is likely compromised. Treat it as such.

    Your router configuration is a perfect storm for malware which is very likely already been introduced to your network based on what’s known about APKPure.

    My advice:

    • Purchase an annual license for multiple devices of a reputable anti-malware software suite or Cloud subscription.
      • Malwarebytes for detection
      • Bitdefender or Webroot for prevention
        • (those are personal preferences)

    Treat every device on your network (including your router and mobile phone) as infected and do a full scan of everything—I recommend going with a Cloud-based cybersecurity subscription because they are professionals and they’re usually available 24/7; they can do remote scans, remote monitoring and more that are more comprehensive and they know what they’re looking for.

    Also, it’ll offload your stress and it should fix the problem more quickly than if you try to do it yourself.

    Just don’t do nothing. The only person this looks normal to is a malicious actor.

    Hope this helps.