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An unknown device is in my  network how can i kick it out of  my network?


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    A few things to get you started...

    • If your router supports blacklisting devices you could just add its Mac address to its list it and block it.  
    • You could purchase a Fingbox and it can block a device.  
    • You could change your WiFi password (and your SSID if you so desire) to something long, complex and not easily guessed.  Make sure you use WPA 3 if your equipment supports it.  Reboot your router to clear connections and you should be good to go. (of course all of your IoT items will need to have their WiFi settings changed, one big drawback if you have lots of devices)
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    Make certain the device is foreign to your network. For example I had a seemingly unknown device show up on multiple different scanning apps as a Motorola Moto g phone. Well after physically gathering every device and manually looking up the Mac/IP information, I finally realized that my Lenovo laptop was registering a separate device in which was merely the WiFi module in the laptop (happened to be made by Motorola).

    If you are certain the device isn't yours. I recommend using the opportunity to try out various pentesting apps such as zanti. To kick the device, try the apps "wifikill" and/or "netcut"