Advice/Feedback when buying a new router. Home Network is a little complex

Hello All, 

This is my first post/question on here. I am reaching out to you guys in the hope that I will be able to get some guidance or feedback on how I should go about achieving my goal of having a efficient home network, which meets my requirements. 

Background: Large house 3 levels, L1, L2, L3, internet used and accessed most of the time, having frequent netowrk dropouts causing headache and lost time.
Current: Virgin Media M100 plan.
Router: Stock VM Hub 3.0
Speed Range: 100 - 110 Mbps GMDS: 54 Mbps, Upload Speeds: 10 - 25 Mbps
Internal Mesh: BT Whole Home Premium, 3 disc

So into the scenario, very unhappy with my current ISP and will be leaving them soon, moving to Sky, signed up for their FTTP product, Ultrafast BB, which will go live by mid May. I have a large kitchen/conservatory which I have made into a family hangout room where during the day most of my family crash, this area and garden were a no-go area as wifi would not reach there, so I got the BT mesh system. 

I also have started to setup a Smart home on Apple Homekit, with smart lights, sensors, alarms, smart switches, which will be integrated into the Home's wifi system. I have a Sky Q with 4 Mini box setup for enteratinment and in the near future about 4 Homepod Mini's that will with Siri help manage the home. 

I need your help/feedback on what router I need to get so it helps me have a stable and robust wifi network. After trying out the VM hub and reading on other forums the stock hubs/router provided by the ISP's does not handle the role well and it buckles under the pressure. The router will be performing the duties of traffic management, DNS, DHCP, and managing 3 seperate networks in the house elaborated below:

1. Handles and manages Sky Q entertainment
2. Smart Home IOT: Homekit products, alarm system, lighting, etc. 
3. Home wifi network for laptops, computers, smart devices
4. Guest Wifi system - isolated from above 3. 

The master socket, router, 8/16 port  Gigabot ethernet switch and main BT disc linked via cat5/ cat6 ethernet cable is on the 1st floor (L2),  The Sky Q system is spread over the  whole house, will be connected by ethernet cable between Q and mini and also plugged into the Switch (on a minimum the main Q will be plugged into the Switch), so hopefully no clash over bandwidth. The 2 BT discs are on L1 acting as AP's so I have good wifi coverage everywhere extended to the garden as well. 

I dont want to break the bank for the router as well, so hope you might be able to shed some light on what router would be able to my requirements. If you have any other suggestions or feedback then please do let me know as I am open to suggestion.   

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    I'm using an off contract Fortigate 90D. Great little box for home use, very stable and quiet. Configuration through user friendly web interface, then you can forget about it. CPU is a little weak but you don't seem to look for DPI capability, so it should be fine. Used, good condition one pops up on ebay for around $50 USD. Make sure to get one with power adapter, and ask seller if the firmware is relatively new (FortiOS 6+), because you won't be able to do it yourself without a contract with Fortinet.

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    Hey SteppedFlower, 

    Thanks for the comment. I will look into it. :)

    Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
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