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Seeking tech help. Unknown device Continues to pop up after I delete it. Know what do I do?




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    Hi, it sounds like the device is connected to your network which is why it is be reappearing. Are you running an App scan or is it a fingbox scan?
    Check the Mac Address & the IP address then check your device labels (they usually have MAC address printed on them) to try to prove which device it is. It really could be anything but if you don’t have too many devices on your network this should only take a few minutes.
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    Thank you. You are correct. I’ve been dealing with this for more than one year. I am so over it. Universal customer care 1-800-IDGAF

    lol seriously. This has been ongoing work PC, home PC and mobile. Now I don’t even have admin rights to my own computer anymore.

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    If you are sure it is not one of yours, you could always block the device in the Fing app. It is an easy way to secure your network as well as identify one of your own devices whose default label isn't descriptive enough. Good luck!